Saturday, 4 June 2011

Strawberry Saturday

Angelika and I had plans to go to the beach today, but it was chilly and windy and very overcast first thing, so we decided not to drive all that way only to end up with miserable kids. So we went strawberry picking and had a bbq instead.

Same strawberry picking place that we always go to, but without the stinging nettles that were so prevelant last year. We picked plenty, but gorged ourselves on even more. Somehow Hayley managed to turn it into a competition to see who could pick the most. Everything is a competition for that girl, and she'll go to any lengths to ensure that she wins. We came home with a lot of strawberries!

I decided this morning before we went that there was good reason to make meringues if we were going to have so many strawberries. What's life without a little dessert?! Anyway, I'd forgotten how quick it is to make meringues when you're not beating egg whites by hand. I also made way too many.

Once we got back Tyran went off to drama and the girls spent a happy three hours digging in the garden, finding insects to play with and generally making as muddy a mess as they could.

Meanwhile I made food. Way too much food it has to be said. It was delicious though in the end and for once I felt like I had a far better deal in terms of a meal than the meat eaters.

Almost all my favourite food on that plate. No aubergines, so had to make do with courgettes instead. Yum!

It was all followed by meringues with strawberries and cream. And yes, I'm finding it difficult to sit comfortably because I've pigged out today.

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