Sunday, 7 February 2010


A couple of weeks ago, when I had to pop out to buy a birthday present for a child in my class, I found these giant bubble wands. I didn't give them to the kids straight away, they've been hidden in a cupboard waiting for the right moment.

Well the right moment arrived today when I needed a rare moment of bribing the kids to be sensible because I had to drag them along to Tesco. Now, while I'm not a fan of bribery, it definitely has it's place in my life when used wisely and sparingly, and it did the trick today.

So bubble fun in the garden when we got home was the order of the day!

Not sure what it is about bubbles that are so appealing, but I couldn't help but take as many photos as possible. Unfortunately, I'm having a pretty bad photo day, but we still had fun.

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