Monday, 15 February 2010

7 whole years

I can't believe how quickly 7 years can pass, but Tyran is actually a whole 7 years old now. He had a lovely birthday! Lots of present unwrapping in the morning, including the much sought after and overpriced vintage Robin Hood Playmobil, which was Tyran's one and only request when asked what he wanted for his birthday.

Co-incidentally, his class had an end of topic party that day, so he got to go into school wearing smart casual clothes (also teaching me that my definition of smart-casual is vastly different to that of certain parents) and have Chinese take away for lunch.

He looked ever so cute is his waistcoat and scarf. Need to find plenty more reasons for him to wear that outfit!

We went out for dinner in the evening (only to the Harvester as per his request). My grown up boy didn't choose his usual chicken and chips or sausage and mash combo, but went for a mini serving of a pasta dish off the adult menu - and ate it! The highlight was the pudding though, something with ice-cream of course.

We had a change from the usual party in the hall this year and went to Pizza Express. It was fab! Can't say enough good things about it. The staff were amazing, the kids were kept busy the whole time and the atmosphere was just lovely. Some of the kids were a little loud and made me grateful that I'm not their teacher, but the boy/girl ration was heavily weighted in favour of the girls, so overall, nowhere near as loud as it might have been!

And to finish off, the photo that really has me laughing - Tyran, Hayley and the birthday cake all with similar expressions, except that Tyran's and Hayley's expressions are of pleasure and excitement and the dragon's expression is more one of "Oh s***, I'm on fire!"

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