Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas tree cupcakes and more felt

I saw this idea on Flickr and I just had to give it a go. I'm feeling really rough today, so it was slightly more than I could manage to be honest, but I'm very pleased with the results anyway. Unfortunately the photos don't show the glitter I sprinkled all over them. Nothing like a bit of sparkle at Christmas! One has been left for Santa tonight, along with a carrot cut into 9 pieces, a glass of milk and some malteser tray bake. It's a wonder the poor bloke can move, let alone manage to keep a sleigh in the air.

I bought more felt yesterday to make some more Christmas trees and stars for people who'd asked for them, but somehow got sidetracked with it and ended up making a letter string to go on Hayley's door. I've cut out one for Tyran too and started sewing it, but it'll have to wait until my head feels more in proportion to my body again.

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  1. That's lovely Kerry. Hope you had a great