Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter wonderland and busy little hands

Well I'm sure by now the snow we've had is old news. I can tell you now that despite the initial excitement, I'm very much over it and ready for it to melt Right Now! However, let's just remember the initial excitement.

At one stage the kids got fed up of bundling themselves up and went out to play some or other Narnia game in the snow. It didn't last all that long, needless to say. There was something quite magical looking about a white, shimmery unicorn in the snow with its dressed in pink party clothes mistress.

Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun and we finally got around to building a snowman yesterday when Jasmine was here to play. It was still trciky because we've had fresh snow every day since Friday, which means that it's much too powdery to build a decent snowman. Oh, and Anthony was at work until yesterday and my hands are way too cold to be building snowmen.

It has been tricky keeping my very energetic children entertained the rest of the time. We go outside as much as possible, but as much as Tyran doesn't feel the cold, Hayley does, so we don't stay out too long each time. And frankly it's a bit of a hassle bundling up, getting wet and cold, coming in and removing layers of wet clothing, drying them and then repeating the process. So I decided that now would be a good time to teach the kids to sew.

Tyran has done a bit of sewing at school, but it's usually limited to a very messy running stitch on very cheap fabric. I got out some felt, we cut stars and Christmas trees and we tackled blanket stitch and buttons. I'll admit that I'm overwhelmed by Tyran's ability to sew, his interest in the whole process, and his patience and ability to sit for ages sewing. He made a couple of stars and sewed all his own buttons on his Christmas tree. He's constantly nagging me to do some more!

Hayley was interested initially and managed a couple of buttons and blanket stitch around one star, but she's too young yet to have the patience required so I finished off her work for her. She managed the sewing bit though, which impressed me because I didn't think she'd have the necessary fine motor skills just yet.

Once they were all sewn and stuffed we hung them up. I think they look lovely.

Jasmine came round yesterday and I promised the kids we'd make gingerbread (or something similar!!) Christmas trees like the one I made last year. They were on a smaller scale and the colours anything but Christmassy, but the kids had a ball and the results were lovely. All their own work too.

Ok, I think that's enough photos for one day! Loads and loads of snow photos on

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