Saturday, 9 January 2010

The big yawn

Yes, the media is calling it the Big Freeze, but frankly I'm over it. Snow is pretty at first and fun at first and the fact that it gets me time off work can't be celebrated any more enthusiastically than it was, but now I'm over it. It's cold, it's icy, we're pretty much stuck at home unless we want to walk somewhere, but there's nowhere to actually walk TO. So we just walk aimlessly, Hayley moaning the entire way about how cold her chin and feet are.

On Wednesday we did go out and have some fun. We built a fab snowman, the biggest we've ever managed to build. The kids got to make a little snowball and then roll it to make a huge head and body, which in itself was a novelty.

After that we added snow and patted it in well, I managed to lift the enourmous head into the body and we added all the bits and pieces that are so essential for the modern snowman about town. He became a she and even got hair. The kids were very happy with her and I have to say, she had a certain charm to her.

However, sadly her life was cut short by some oh so lovely kids. No names mentioned, but let's say that I have no doubt that the bone idle bottom feeders that my tax money keeps in warm housing and all manner of chavvy goods will get their come uppance sooner or later. No, I'm not bitter or anything.

Anyway, we woke up yesterday to yet more snow and a lot of ice. There were great big icicles hanging outside the bedroom window, so I broke them off and gave them to the kids to explore.

I eventually dragged them up into town today so I could get a couple of books and they could visit a friend. It was freezing. Honestly, I've never been that cold and uncomfortable in my life! And it further re-inforced my reluctance to get in my car and drive anywhere. There were cars stuck and cars skidding and people driving like idiots.

So yes, the snow is pretty, yes we should make the most of all this snow that we probably won't see again for a very long time, but to quote Hayley, "Where's my summer gone? I loved my summer, being on the beach and all those things were my favourite things. So you think my summer will come back?"

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