Sunday, 15 November 2009

Autumn storms and cabin fever

Well, after the indian summer, the autumn storns have hit with a vengeance. The met office issued a warning to stay at home if at all possible and believe me, there was no way I was venturing out in winds of 70mph and torrential rain. The problem is, of course, children and their seemingly limitless enegry.

So I decided to turn the lounge into a playroom. I set up the dolls house, train track and road track and let them loose! It worked though. They played for hours and we only packed it away at bedtime. Miracualously, there was minimal squabbling over the trains and cars.

I think Tyran was aiming for an M25 simulation at one stage though!

All that pent up energy did need an outlet though, so when the rain stopped for all of perhaps 3 min, out they went to jump in the sandpit that was overflowing with water. They weren't out long because the rain started up again pretty quickly and it was freezing, but they enjoyed the splashing.

Thankfully we woke to clear blue skies today. We didn't actually do any outdoor activities because everywhere is completely sodden. We took the kids swimming and then Anthony fixed the garden gate while the kids played outside. I finished off the hats that needed to be sewn up so the kids each have a new hat from Granny and I have 2 new hats to replace my missing one. The kids have spent the afternoon dressing up in various costumes and inventing what are, admittedly, very imaginative but very bizarre games.

Note for my mom: in case you're wondering, I didn't follow the instructions for sewing up the kids' hats. well, I did and they looked silly so I changed it to suit us better. They're both very happy with them, though you might not believe it looking at their expressions in these photos!

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