Sunday, 25 October 2009

Winter blues

Tyran was on the receiving end of worse than the usual coughs and colds - proper flu. Poor child had a temperature of over 40 for 2 days that responded to nothing. Aside from all the usual flu symptoms though and being very tired, he was ok so I didn't worry too much about the fever thing. It became clear, however, that the boy is well into his training to be a man flu sufferer!!

He's on the mend now, and is finally eating again. He's very thin, pale and tired looking and doesn't have any of his usual bounce, but I'm sure he'll be back to full speed soon enough. We sent him back to school for the last couple of days of term, but he's exhausted poor thing.

Hayley's had a fever on and off since yesterday afternoon and isn't eating. She's complaining her legs hurt too. Aside from checking her temperature (only 38, so no where near that bothered yet!), I haven't really had a proper look at her, so don't know if her glands are swollen or anything. I should check really I suppose. She looks quite pale and tired, but nowhere near as unwell as Tyran was.

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