Wednesday, 7 October 2009

An outright Proud Mummy entry!

Tyran came home with a homework sheet asking them to do a little fact file about an animal of their choice from the rainforest (their topic this term). He'd chosen tiger, so off we went to find out a few things about tigers (they were only asked for 3 sepcific facts).

Firstly, his knoweldge of rainforests astounded us. I didn't understand one of the questions on the homework sheet (already!! What am I going to do as he gets older?), so I asked for an explanation, and boy did I get one. I was literally left open mouthed. We found a few websites, some recommended by his teacher, some Googled, and off he set to find his information. And here it is:
(click to enlarge and read!)

To say I'm proud of him is an understatement. I know there are lots of kids out there who do much better, but I think that this is pretty amazing work for Tyran. I'm so impressed with the progress he's made with writing. It's actually legible now!

And his illustration that he chose to include. It would appear all is not lost in the world of art in our house! He's just a (very) late bloomer.

Hayley, of course, had to join in. I won't comment. I dare not comment! Here's her contribution:


  1. Kerry that's so lovely! What fantastic writing Tyran has. And both the pictures are ace!

  2. Kerry That is better than some of my grade 5's!!!