Sunday, 4 October 2009

Autumn's here

The mornings are now decidedly chilly, which makes it easier to stay snuggled in bed wishing I didn't have to get up and go to work, which I'm not enjoying anyway. Hayley gets to wear leggings regularly, which she adores, and I actually got as far as dragging out my boots this morning. Sadly, I've still not got around to taking them to be resoled, so they weren't as comfy as they should be. Still, tights and boots and a bit (or a lot!) of corduroy and I'm generally quite happy! The days are lovely and warm still. I think there's a lot to be said for autumn sunshine.

There are lots of conkers about already and the kids had a great time at the park the other day discovering just where conkers come from and how spiky their pods are.

This morning, in a bid to try to fall in love with my camera again, we too the kids up to the war memorial buildings and gardens to take some nice autumn photos. Nothing to write home about I'm afraid, but they're not as dire as most of the photos I've been taking recently. Not sure what's wrong with me, other than I've lost direction! As ever, more on Flickr. (WHY won't my links work???? I'm almost crying with frustration now!)

The drawback of this chillier weather is the realisation that I need to spend a fair bit of money on kitting out Tyran for winter. I was given a huge bag of clothing for him, but it's all age 7-8 and is way, way too big for him. Ebay has become my best friend!! My biggest grumble is that boys' clothes are all so dull. It would appear that dressing out boys in anything other than grey, black, brown or navy is a big no-no. I love colour, I want colour for him, but it seems that's not to be.

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  1. Kerry, your photos look even better on here than they do on FB. Gorgeous. Couldn't agree more about clothes for boys - I am trying to find a brightly coloured coat for Danny and really struggling... so irritating. And also agreed about finding a bit of money at this time of year. Grim!