Sunday, 27 September 2009

A fantastic way to end the summer

It has been a lovely few days here this week so we decided to make the most of what will probably be the last really warm weekend of the year and head off to the beach. This summer has taught us a few beach rules we didn't have before.
1. The entire South East seems to head to West Wittering on a warm, sunny day.
2. Traffic around Chichester is unbearable on warm sunny days due to point 1.
3. West Wittering is lovely, but not that lovely.
4. The kids will have fun no matter where we go.

So off we went to Littlehampton.

What a pleasant surprise. Gorgeous sandy beach, lovely harbour area with boats for the kids to gaze at for hours on end, crystal clear water, loads and loads of interesting wildlife and brilliant walks. We will be back!

More photos on Flickr (I still can't figure out how to link to things - help anyone?).

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