Thursday, 24 September 2009

She ain't heavy

We popped over to the park yesterday afternoon after picking up Tyran from school. I hate that particular playground - it's really run down and boring! For some reason though, the kids adore it. Not sure if it's because they get to walk up "the bumpy lane" and jump off the logs outside other people's houses, or because they get to eat blackberries along the way when they're in season, or simply because it's not home. Whatever the case, they do love that park and it's just up the road, so perfect even when we're all tired and fed up.

They played for about an hour until we had to go so I could do all the borning, necessary things like cook dinner, make packed lunches, iron and at least try to clean and tidy. Hayley was so tired and fed up by then and asked for a piggy back. Tyran is sweet enough to have offered her one when I said no. It didn't last long, but it put the smile back on her face!

On the way to collect Tyran, Hayley and I noticed that Sylvester had followed us all the way up the road. Unusual for him, he doesn't usually venture too far. Obviously he's decided to return to his dog-like ways! 2 minutes later, along came Nikita too. Hayley spent a good while trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade them to go home. It really made me laugh how Sylvester quickly ducked into someone else's garden as if to say "this is where I was headed the whole time. Don't know what your problem is!"

The cats have started running out to greet us when we get home too. They hear the kids coming from all the way up the road and they come running out from the house or garden and sit and wait for us on the green. Funny things!

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