Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fungus watch

Angelika sent me a text last night to say that she'd been watching Autumn Watch on the BBC and they said today would be the perfect day to find interesting fungus after all the rain we've had. So off we set to do just that.
We weren't disappointed! We went to Tilgate Park, purely because I've seen loads of lovely toadstool there before and there's plenty for the kids to do there if we wanted to stay all day. (We didn't stay all day because her dad's not well and Hayley's temperature started going up again and her legs were hurting - apparently!).
So here's just a small selection of what we saw.

The kids generally had a ball, jumping in lots of leaves, walking on very muddy paths, and climbing trees.

You can see these in better detail on Flickr, as usual.

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