Thursday, 29 October 2009

Number fun

I realised the other day, to my shame and horror, that despite Hayley being able to add, subtract and divide in her head, and despite having amazing number concept, she's not able to consistently read numbers beyond 4. I felt like quite a neglectful parent for assuming that since she demonstrates such skill with number that she was able to recognise them all too. Never assume anything.

So today I set about rectifying that, and what better way than to let her do what she loves best - cutting, sticking and sprinkling!! We did 1-10 today because there's only so much kids craft mess I can cope with in one day, but they loved it. Tyran did a stripy one while Hayley did sticking with ripped up wrapping paper:

Then Hayley did a rainbow one while Tyran did a ripped up paper one.

We also used crepe paper, glitter and, my favourite, hundreds and thousands.

Then the kids went off to play while I sorted out the string through the numbers to hang them up. I had to have a break to take a photo of what they ended up doing though because it was so sweet! Tyran decided to draw a story for/with Hayley. Something to do with the police and something being stolen, which he write underneath the picture of the suspect that Hayley described to him. The story got quite elaborate, but I lost track halfway through!

Once the letters were all strung I hung them up by the toy storage area. They look really lovely all together like that and the kids are most impressed!

I'll move them up a bit higher when we've finished 11 -20. Oh, and I'm pleased to report that the exercise was successful and Hayley can easily recognise 1-10. I needn't have gone to quite this much trouble, but they loved it!

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