Monday, 22 December 2008

Sweet and cake dress

I made Hayley a dress for Christmas day. I bought the fabric ages ago when I saw it and fell in love with it, and have been waiting for the right pattern.

Anyway, it was very fiddly in some parts and I was reminded of how much I hate following patterns to the letter, but the final product is lovely. Not quite Hayley's colour, but it'll do. She's very taken with it and I'll definitely be using the pattern again for summer dresses.

Just as we were posing for the dress photos there was a knock on the door and who should be there but Father Christmas! The Lions come round every year asking for donations, handing out sweets and singing carols. We usually know when it is, but it was a complete surprise this evening and the kids were thrilled. Hayley got lots of compliments on her dress, I suspect because she looked like a very old fashioned little girl in it!


  1. oh Kerry that dress is lovely. what pattern did you use, because it looks very similar to the one I gave you. You are certainly very clever! Getting very jealous with all your Christmas festivities ....

  2. It is the one you gave me! It looks really nice on doesn't it?