Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bits and bobs

Tyran managed to find some playdough in his room that Granny bought for him ages and ages ago. So he brought the whole lot downstairs (yippee!) and made...... me!

This whole country seems to come to a standstill around Christmas time, unless of course we're talking about supermarket shopping, in which case one needs to go in armoured in preparation for the crush. The kids are already bored and suffering from cabin fever so Anthony took them to soft play this morning, then out in the garden on bikes this afternoon. He's done his best to persuade Tyran to give riding without stabilisers a go, but Tyran just gets very distressed, so we left it alone. He needs a new bike though - this one is getting too small for him and it's become increasingly apparent that cheap bikes are not the way to go.

Hayley had a huge amount of fun riding Tyran's old trike, but it's too small for her really and isn't up to her ver proficient pedalling, so it looks like we'll be on the hunt for a really good second hand trike for her soon.

Anthony, Tyran and Hayley are now curled up on the sofa watching E.T. Or "the E.T" as Tyran insists it's called.

Oh, one other thing. On Wednesday Hayley and I had a mad rush of a morning running errands, doing our usual Wednesday thing (tea and cake at Costa), trying to get school work done and get home in time to fetch Tyran at lunch time. We popped into a charity shop in town to look for Hayley's beloved original Ellie (she doesn't know that's why I keep going in there though) that Anthony put in a bag of toys and gave away (!!!!) and she found a gorgeous brother for baby Lucy. She got home and insisted on wrapping both of them and carrying them around until we had to fetch Tyran from school. Preparing for motherhood with twins it would seem.

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  1. I can't even remember buying playdough. Surprising that it has not hardened by this time. Love Hayley's skirt .... and of course, the twins. Quite a novel way of carrying them. Miss them greatly xxx