Sunday, 14 December 2008

More Christmas madness

It is freezing here at the moment. F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G. I went out to buy butter to make biscuits for Tyran's teacher and assistants today and it was -1. In the middle of the day!
This also means that Christmas is fast approaching and I need to get into the festive spirit. I've managed to surprise (shock!) my staff at work by doing 2 Christmas activities with the kids so far, and I've been forced to do some at home too. Tyran's school has this tradition where they set aside a day for Christmas dinner, even though they all have packed lunches - odd, but ok - and the kids have to make their own Christmas hats, no help from parents. So like the good little mother I am (you can laugh now if you like) I went and bought all the makings of a festive crown for Tyran. I'm very proud of what he managed to make, even though it left me with serious concenrs about his ability to use a pair of scissors! Oh well, the child is a fantastic reader, can't have everything! Just a shame reading doesn't cut paper. It's a good thing it was so cold today and this quiet craft activity needed to be done because poor Tyran is really not well. I thought it was just a cold, but I'm wondering if he has the makings of a chest infection. He's complaining about severe pain when he coughs and is running a temp of around 39.5. Not too high for Tyran, but high enough to point at something being amiss.

Of course madam had to join in too. She managed to persuade I-HATE-craft-activities-Daddy to help her.

The Christmas tree is up too. I'm not posting a photo of it because it's very much child decorated and rearranged and rearranged and rearranged. You get the picture I'm sure! Anyway, the kids are besotted with that vile plastic tree and all the handmade decorations and that's all that really matters.
Finally, little miss Hayley is now the proud owner of ribbons for her hair. Who'd have thought she'd end up being so girly? She is obsessed with these ribbons now and I suspect I'll be sneaking them out of her hair once she's asleep.

Apparently she'd like 2 ponytails with red ribbons in tomorrow. This from the girl who'll do anything to prevent me from tying up her hair!

Grr, click on the pics, I don't have time to fiddle about making them fit now. I need some techy help (Debbie, send Garteh my way, I need to extend the width of my posting space and don't udnerstand the codes at all).

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  1. oh now i know why you said she looked like me. I have that photo of when I am four with ribbons like that! lucky child. have the photo of tammie and the sling! need to see the Christmas tree ...