Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas trees and biscuits

Well, this morning I popped to the shops to get some boots for myself after being given money for them for Christmas. I was so excited! I haven't had decent boots in years and years and I fell in love with these when I saw them and couple of weeks ago. The sad news is that, in addition to some weird allergic reaction both kids had to this ugly plastic dressing table thing in the shop (it was the only toy out and the only thing they both touched), the boots are all sold out and there are no more in stock in the warehouse. I could cry, I really could.

Anyway, we got home and made a start on the gingerless gingerbread. I popped to the corner shop on the way home to get ginger and they had none, so I bought cinnamon instead, just to add something to the biscuits. I spent ages drawing and cutting out stars to make the Christmas tree, which I thought would be easier to make than a house. I was wrong!!

I'm a little disappointed in my gingerbread tree, but the kids think it's amazing! Think next year I'll go back to making houses because I know I can actually manage that. The tree is a nice idea and in my head it worked!!

The kids had great fun rolling out, cutting and decorating gingerbread men and hearts with the left over dough. I have to say I'm a little surprised that the work surfaces have come clean after the amount of icing that they managed to spread about! The work surface did look good enough to eat at one stage though, all covered in icing and sprinkles and sugar flowers.

Dinner has been wolfed down by Hayley and at least tried by Tyran so they can rush off to eat their work. I suspect they're not going to last very long.

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  1. your christmas tree is lovely. one talented person! your kids really enjoy baking etc. by the way, did tyran's teacher like his homemade biscuits?