Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Wind in the Willows

Warning: this post comes with lots of photos!

A couple of years ago we went to see a production of Alice in Wonderland at Brockwell Park. It was brilliant, loved by kids and adults alike. This year it's The Wind in the Willows and Angelika asked if we'd like to go again. Of course! Now, unlike Alice in Wonderland, I haven't ever read this book, and although she bought a copy for us as a thank you, I found it hard going, so it hasn't actually been read at all. However, unlike certain authors, I'm assuming that Kenneth Graham was just imaginative and creative rather than high when he wrote his book, so it was really easy to follow the story anyway.

It was much busier today than last time, which came with various irritations on my part, but it was brilliant nevertheless.

The majority of the play is acted out within the confines of the walled garden, which adds to the magic. It's a perfect venue.

Added to the fantastic play was a little gem of a wildflower bed within the walled garden that took my attention away from where it should have been for a little while. Poppies! I love poppies!

And lastly, and kind of pointlessly, the last time we were there we ended up being involved in an incident with the police when some single man with a huge zoom lens was taking photos of children in the paddling pool and got into an altercation with someyoung mums who asked him to stop. It's kind of a joke now, and Tyran reminded me on the drive up to London this morning that I should try to avoid the police and let people deal with their own problems. We were eating our lunch today when a police van pulled up right next to us and 2 officers got out to go and question some poor granddad who was just trying to have a peaceful time on a bench. I swear, this time, I didn't call them!!

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