Monday, 25 July 2011

Love and frustration

I'm starting to think that the frustration I feel over situations increases with the amount of love involved. Is there any other explanation for my kids driving me utterly insane?! If I had a penny for every time I say any of the following, I wouldn't be sitting here typing. I'd be on a little island in the sun somewhere!

All day long it goees like this on a loop:
- pick that up please
- stop whining
- would you please stop arguing
- when you've finished playing with something... (years of this one)
- sofas are for sitting on, floors are for walking on / how do we sit on sofas because it's not like that
- stop throwing that in the house
- take it out of your mouth (Tyran!)

I'm wondering if recording myself and playing it to them all night long while they sleep might make a difference. Aldous Huxley seemed to think it might, though to be fair, it was a work of fiction...

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