Saturday, 23 July 2011

Dance day

It's the end of term for dance, so parents were invited to watch the class(es). Hayley cried buckets this morning over not wanting to do disco anymore, but I couldn't get to the bottom of the issue. It's the first time she's mentioned it too. Anyway, after watching the class I can see what it is that she's not able to verbalise, but is bothering her. It's very exuberant and the girls are just oozing self confidence and lack of inhibition. Hayley is very reserved and self conscious, which was why I had doubts about her doing that class in the first place. So from September there'll be no more disco for her, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - less rushing around for me!

I was very impressed with the ballet and tap classes. But then this comes from someone who struggles to walk without falling over and can't dance at all, so I'm pretty easily impressed! I will have a brief proud mummy moment that my baby managed to keep up with the others who are all a full year older than she is.

Lots of photos to follow. I'm finding it hard to choose which ones I like best. Obviously there are plenty more on Flickr!

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