Saturday, 14 May 2011

Got to ask myself the question...

... why did I ever agree to this?!

The day of the dance show has arrived. There are 2 performances this weekend (I said no to the evening one today). Hayley isn't necessarily excited as you might think. I think, judging by her behaviour, that she's a little worried, a little nervous, a little less keen to do this than she was last week.

Hair: nightmare.
Make up: tramp-like.
Hayley: in a better mood with hair and make up finally done.
Me: frazzled and irritable. But I've learned how to do a very neat bun and put make up on my 5 year old without it looking too trashy.

So here she is in all her glory.
Her favourite, the ballet outift. She'll be wearing a black leotard with this, if it's arrived...

Her tap outfit, a very cute sailor dance.

The one I like the least because it looks cheap and I'm not crazy about the attitude that goes with it. This is the disco element and they're dancing to Ice Ice Baby. Need I say more?

A last one, just because she looks poised and elegant and graceful and entirely more angelic than she really is!

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