Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A swim in the sea can make life worth living

It's gloriously sunny and warm and we're on holiday, so a swim in the sea was a must. We headed down to lovely sandy beach with perfect swimming conditions. I hesitate to share these photos - I stupidly left my swimming costume at home and ended up popping down to the local beach shop and buying a very cheap swimming costume because I was so desperate to swim in the sea. Now, I'm very aware that I'm by far not the smallest person wandering this planet, but my goodness, I need the support offered by my usual swimming costume (that also cost a lot more than £9!!). Thankfully you can't see much when I'm actually in the water! The diet starts now...

Hayley joined me and had a lovely time. Tyran, as ever, was too scared of the sea to even paddle much.

Much of the day was spent digging in the sand and making sandcastles, or playing various imaginative games. A happy day all round.

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