Friday, 29 April 2011


I've been meaning to update the Sylvester post, but actually, it's hard to write anything about him without feeling a little cross. He turned up in the end.

He turned up after we went to the vet to look at the body of a black and white cat that was found just down the road from us. He turned up, gave me one of those typical cat looks, wanted to be groomed, then promptly left again. It appears that he's moved into the house 4 doors down from us. I'm unimpressed, not least because 12 years is a long time to love a cat, only to have him turn his nose up at anything I have to offer. He reappears every now and then, crying to be groomed, occasionally deigning to eat the food I offer him, but leaves pretty quickly again.

Anyway, since his decision to leave, Nikita has become even more loving and, dare I say, needier than before. But actually, I've realised underneath that very annoying behaviour is a very sweet little cat.


There's a part of me that wonders how well cats can communicate with each other and whether being in the limelight has prompted her to let Sylvester know that he's no longer welcome here. She's very quickly moved into the space on my bed where he used to sleep, and occasionally sits on my lap in the evenings despite never having done such a thing before. I can't help but wonder.

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