Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Andy Pandy

It has been One Of Those Days. One of those days I can categorically say is right up there with the 10 worst days of my life. Nothing specific went wrong that I can look back and think might have been done differently, but I felt totally out of control from the start. It will be filed away later somehow, but for now I'm exhausted in every way possible. I'm also very grateful that tomorrow is Wednesday! It's a little worrying to feel this gatvol on the first day of the kids being back after half term.

Anyway, the one good thing about today is that I came home to an email with attachment. It turns out that my Andy Pandy book somehow survived the woodborer demolition derby and will soon be on its way to me. In the meantime, the snowdrops story has been scanned and emailed and is here for your viewing pleasure. It's clickable.

I have no doubt that your first thought will be "what is all the fuss about?" but then it's kind of like the being reunited with Gambit at the dolphinarium thing. You had to be there in the beginning for it to matter.

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