Sunday, 27 February 2011


When I was little I had an Andy Pandy book. I can't remember if it was an annual or just a collection of stories, but I really loved that book. There was a story about Teddy's new rompers, something to do with Looby Loo and balloons, and a story about some little snowdrops who realised it was too early to wake up and had to slip their heads back under the snow. Thanks to the abundance of woodborer in Durban, I don't have the book anymore. I'm confident that if I could remember what the cover looked like I'd be paying over the odds for a copy off Ebay though!

Anyway, the point of that little trip down memory lane is that as soon as I saw the snowdrops at Wakehurst Place this morning I thought of my Andy Pandy book. They're nothing to look at really, but they made me smile.

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  1. and your Mommy found the book xxx