Sunday, 26 September 2010

Better late than never!

It has been a while. A long while.
In short we have been away on holiday, come back home, Hayley started school, Tyran's in year 3 and life has returned to it's usual chaotic form with me scrabbling to find time to do the things that really matter in life.

In the middle of all of this chaos is Hayley. Hayley who is often just chaos personified! School has been wonderful for her. As someone who truly wanted to be a home educator, it surprises me to say it, but she really is a better child for going to school. I just haven't had the time or patience to give her the mental stimulation she so constantly needs and craves. She was already reading before she started school, but within 3 weeks she's reading really fluently and is writing. It's a surprise for us because Tyran has never enjoyed writing and struggled to put pencil to paper and create anything legible for a long time.

So as a very self indulgent, proud mummy post I'll leave you with this link to Hayley reading and this photo of her writing today. Excuse the very teacherish note in the corner, but I'm sending this into school for her learning journal and old habits die hard!

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