Thursday, 29 April 2010

A new addition to the family

I've been after a rabbit for a while now, but specifically wanted a female rex, which just doesn't seem to be that popular in amongst all the lops, dwarf lops and lion heads around at the moment. But yesterday must have been fate because I found my baby female rex! Ok, so I've got her from a pet shop, which worries me a little, but she appears to be healthy and happy, so fingers crossed she's just fine. They didn't just hand her over either, which makes me feel better.

Anyway, her name is Katy and she is just adorable. She's a little skittish at the moment, particularly when Nikita is around. They seem to have an instant hate relationship!! I'm sure they'll get used to each other soon enough. Sylvester doesn't bother Katy at all and vice versa. Odd.

She's really quite cuddly and loves to be held and stroked. Tyran is just over the moon with her. I think if he had his way he'd be sitting on the chair all day with her in his lap!

We let her out for a hop around last night while I was baking. The sweetest thing? She comes when she's called! She already recognises my voice, probably from all the reassurance I've had to give her when Nikita's around, so if I call, she comes hopping. It's love!

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