Tuesday, 1 December 2009

This and that

An exercise in how many little bits I can fit into one blog post!

Tyran really made me laugh the other day. I bought an absolutely dire kids Christmas CD for the kids and we were listening to it in all its glorious horror in the car. One of the songs is "Little drummer Boy". Hayley was singing along at the top of her voice as usual, but as she got to the " pa-ra-pa-pum-pum" bit Tyran chirped up,"No Hayley, it's not pa-ra-pa-pum-pum, it's rub a bum bum." He wasn't having a laugh either...

Hayley in the meantime is into all the things typically associated with little girls. Colouring, drawing, writing, all with precision and a need for absolute perfection. It's amazing to watch, not a dot out of the lines. She's also taken her random word recognition to another level and is actually reading now. She finally persuaded me to bring some reading books home from school and I was amazed at her ability to just pick them up and read them. So I've got out good old Peter and Jane and she's having a whale of a time. It's poor Sharon I feel for because Hayley insists on carting her books along with her to Sharon's house and reading them to her. Trust me, there's only so much P&J one can listen to before one would like to slit one's wrists with a page from said P&J books! Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, I'm glad she's enjoying it so much and hope this marks the start of a long and happy relationship with reading.

Tyran's teacher submitted an accrostic poem he wrote to some or other competition for schools in the 3 local counties. Tyran's poem was one chosen to be published in a book that will be distributed to all the local libraries. He and we are very proud of him. He's working so hard at school at the moment and has a teacher who really appreciates all the things we do about him. She went so far as to say that she looks forward to him staying late at school on Mondays just so she can have those times to chat with him without interruption. I think that's because she gets to leave at the end of it!! Regardless, she's working very hard to challenge him in interesting ways, and he's responding brilliantly. I really hope she decides to stay at the school and keeps that class for another year. It's rare to find a teacher so interested in her pupils individually and working so hard to meet their specific needs and interests.

Added to that, Tyran has the lead role in the reception - year 3 Christmas play "The Most Disgruntled Snowman". He's fully into his role and it looks to be a highlight of the year.

Winter has well and truly arrived now and we're all bundled up warmly every day. I had to scrape the first ice of winter off my car this morning, which wasn't exactly thrilling, though the kids loved it. Hayley's words were, "When it's cold enough for ice, soon there'll be snow." I just hope she doesn't have to wait too long.

Oh, and I've started knitting again. Nothing too exciting and I have to take it slow, but I'm so glad to be able to knit for a good 10 min before I need to rest this silly wrist. I'm pretty sure it's almost completely healed and that I just need to build up my strength in it again. While the happens the real question is: how many hats does everyone actually need?

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