Sunday, 6 September 2009

Princess overload starts!

Well my mad preparations for Hayley's birthday have started and I'm asking myself, yet again, why I go to so much trouble!! I have an army of fondant princesses waiting for their cupcake dresses (no photos yet, but I'll rectify that today hopefully), and Hayley is now the proud owner of a very meringue-like princess dress.

There are a c few things I'm not happy with, and will rectify on Jasmine's dress (did I mention I offered to make her one too because I could only buy the fabric in full metres and have lots left over?), and since these photos were taken, I've had to hem the bottom of Hayley's dress, which has made it hang a trifle odd, but I relaise I'm a perfectionist and it's not always a good thing! It has made the dress slightly shorter as well, but that makes it easier for her to run around and actually be a child.

Hayley is thrilled and is taking an enormous amount of persuasion not to wear the dress 24/7. She wants to wear it to Sharon's house on Friday when she takes her cake in with her, but I'm going to have to put down on the basis that I'll be too busy with her cake for Saturday to be hand washing princess dresses on Friday evening. Not to mention that I don't have that much confidence in my sewing!!

I finally tracked down a really lovely pair of sequined, sparkly, pink princess shoes on Ebay for all of £2.99, so that was a bargain. Sorry Merran, for all the hassle of the other shoes, but the good news is her feet have grown overnight and she'll get plenty of normal, everyday wear out of the others, which is great.

Oh, and she's decided, somewhat surprisingly, that she wants a cake with butterflies on it for Sharon's house. Pleasant change for me from the pink pig cake that has graced Sharon's house twice in the past!

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