Thursday, 23 July 2009

Clearly I have no ability to stick with anything!!

I can't believe it's been so long since I lasted blogged about anything. It hasn't been intentional, it's just a fairly time consuming process sometimes and time isn't something I've had much of lately. Lots of things to update on I'm sure, but I'll keep it brief for now!

Tyran has finished Year 1! I can't believe this year has gone so quickly. His teacher has left the school, sadly, which affected Tyran more than I expected it would, so there have been many tears shed and lots of silly behaviour that says "something's wrong but I can't quite articulate it just yet." Next year might be a challenging one for all of us as he moves into his new class with some boys who are.... well.... not the kind of child I'd like Tyran to be around at all. He's very worried about them because he has been on the receiving end of some bullying from them before. Luckily he has a VERY stroppy mum!

Anyway, back to what he's achieved: his reading continues to be his strong point. He amazes me with his ability to see a new word once and not only remember it the next time, but be able to explain what it means. He's moved on to reading simple chapter books like the easier Roald Dahl and a series called Littlenose, which he really enjoys. He has a great love of non-fiction too, and tends to stay up far too late reading in bed! Of course he still adores being read to and will stop everything if a story is offered.

His writing is no longer a problem. Something finally clicked, as I thought it would, and he's away. He really enjoys writing little stories and card to me and Hayley, and emailing Debbie. I have to say, his spelling impresses me daily.

Hayley continues to be intense and challenging, but also sweet and funny and incredibly curious about everything. She keeps me entertained with her theories and opinions on just about everything, from why cows, horses, sheep and goats have udders but pigs have mik all the way up their tummies, to why clouds form different shapes. She always has a perfectly plausible explanation! She decided she wants to learn to read, which I sort of go along with when I have the time. She's showing a great flair for maths though, as I suspected she would. Here's hoping it continues.

She continues to be a little quirky, but this brings no end of amusement to the house. Her greatest insult at the moment is to call someone a "squirmy worm of vomit" (thanks Roald Dahl!!) or Mr Big. She regularly greets new experiences with "Oh wow, I have to say that is just AWESOME!" Sadly, she won't share any of this with people she doesn't know well. She only talks to us and the childminder. Everyone else is greeted with slience and a stony face.

I have a new class next year, full of 4 year olds. A terrifying prospect if ever there was one. It'll be a good change in a way I suppose, but I'm sad not to be personally reaping the benefits of a year of very hard work.

Mostly, we're just thrilled that school is over for 6 weeks and that Granny is coming to stay soon. Lots of things planned and I'll do my best to keep the blog updated, starting tomorrow.... or maybe Saturday!


  1. I check your blog daily, so I'm so glad there's finally something to read again! Love the princess pics on flickr!

  2. Sorry, I genuinely haven't had time, but have decided I need to make time. And then I'll rule the world Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha