Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Apaches and teepees

I had to pop into Homebase this morning to pick up some tester pots of paint for Tyran's photo frames for his bedroom.

As I walked in I saw these kids teepees on sale for next to nothing. Since the kids are both obsessed with the whole "cowboys and indians" thing I thought I'd get it. Then I popped into the toy shop and got them the dressing up clothes to match. All with them there and not realising a thing. I'm good!

When we got home I gave them their dressing up clothes. Cue much excitement. Then I sent them upstairs with strict instruction not to come down again until I called them, so that I could assemble the teepeee. There was much whooping and hollering going on upstairs, but they did manage to stay there!

Then up I went to help them with their headbands and Hayley's hair, then said they could come down. Tyran was just thrilled! His face as he walked out the door and saw the tent was a picture.

Hayley, true to form, just stopped and posed!

In the teepee, two happy little Apaches.

Oh, and the dining room was tidied up while the kids were outside playing. To what end I'm not yet sure, because it looks even worse now.

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