Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Summer's on the way, hooray!

Ok, so I know it won't last, but it seems like the end of a very long winter is in sight. Don't know why it has seemed so very long and cold, but it's certainly the worst winter I've experienced here.

Anyway, for the past couple of days it has been warm and sunny and just so lovely to be outside. No coats, no boots, just cardigans and shoes. And best of all, in Hayley's opinion, summer dresses!

I bought this dress for Hayley on the spur of the moment the other day. I went to Tesco, of all places, to pick up some art equipment for school and saw this dress. They have a tiny clothing range at that particular branch, so what posessed them to have this particular dress instead of a pink one is a mystery to me, but I'm very glad they did. Hayley wore it yesterday and today and I've had to really put my foot down about it going in the wash tonight. She just adores it, not lease because it twirls and is long and people have complimented her on it and the fact that it perfectly matches her favourite cardi. Shallow? Hayley? Not half!!

Both kids spent as much time as they could playing outside today. Hayley concentrated her efforts on twirling and trying to persuade Sylvester to love her, and Tyran spent his time racing around and bouncing the exercise ball.


  1. keep the good weather! lovely photos and I am so glad that Sylvester is taking a liking (or the other way round) to Hayley. Hated it when he left home

  2. Unfortunately it's the other way around. Sylvester is well and truly a mummy's boy again and Hayley is most put out. She wants him to love on her.