Sunday, 29 March 2009


Here she is.

I'm not thrilled with her, but Tyran is. He did a drawing for me (bless him, he's not exactly skilled in that area, though I can't knock his imagination)and then stood next to me bugging, er... describing to, me how she looks while I made her. There are a lot of silly mistakes, but I'm tired and finding it hard to focus. I'm sure the kids will be thrilled and she'll taste just fine. I suspect if I look at her a few more times while she's living on the diningroom table, she might grow on me a bit. I've got more fondant already coloured (I overestimated how much I'd need) so I might add some scales up the sides later on. She needs something.

I do really like how well the silver lustre dust worked this time. The last time I tried to use it was on the knight's armour on Tyran's 5th birthday cake and it didn't work at all. It just looked silly and I spent ages painting him silver! This time though, it's really sparkly and shimmery.

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