Saturday, 14 March 2009


Well, we're finally, hopefully, getting the garden sorted out a bit more. We had to call a halt to it last year due to lack of funds. Anthony has done lots of researching and found plenty of much cheaper retailers, so work can continue at last.

This week is the turn for the tiny bit of off road parking we have. The previous owners, one of whom thought he was Mr DIY but really wasn't, had dug a very shallow bit out of the front and literally plonked concrete paving slabs down. There was nothing keeping them in place or anything and the whole front garden becomes a mud bath as soon as it rains. Obviously this means that the paving stones move. A lot! It looks a mess to be honest, but wasn't high on the list of priorities until now.

So Anthony has been busy digging, digging, digging. Some levelling, more digging and mesh something or other (don't ask me - my DIY skills are strictly limited to sewing, cakes and painting) and a HUGE bag of gravel and we should have a lovely place to park the car. He's even put a little wooden bit around the edge to keep it all neat and in control.

Needless to say, he had helpers.

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