Sunday, 15 February 2009

It's party time!

At last Tyran's birthday and party arrived. Aside from Merran, I've never known anyone so excited about a birthday before! It was past 10 before he went to sleep the night before his birthday and I got woken up twice with very loud whispers of "Mummy! Mummy! Is it morning yet? Am I 6 yet?" Then when it finally was time to wake up and I rolled over and said "Happy birthday my swet 6 year old," he replied, "I knew it was my birthday today, I knew I was 6 because I feel bigger already!"

Anyway, he loved all his presents. We agonised over what to get him because he's just not that interested in many conventional toys and the stuff he likes would probably get broken by his demolition derby sister. Eventually we settled on a pirate ship, given that his imagination is still very vivid and frankly, amazing. I managed to find a set of Peter Pan figures, as well as some pirates, so he was thrilled. Funnily enough though, despite his love of Peter Pan, it's the generic pirates that have been played with more by him. Hayley loves the Peter Pan ones though.

The party went really well. There weren't many children there, and they were mostly girls. A good thing really because Angelika and I had to go into full on teacher mode to keep 2 of the boys in line. We were also a bit mean about insisting that party games were complusory for all the children and that no-one was allowed to sulk or cry when they were out. Funnily enough, or perhaps not, laying just those 2 ground rules meant that the kids all had a fantastic time with the games. They also didn't dare not listen!! So we didn't have to be scary or cross at all. Very few parents stayed, which I was worried about, but it worked out well. The adults there were all friends of mine, so they all mucked in.
Jasmine and Angelika came back to ours afterwards so Tyran could open his presents and they could play quietly. Despite having eaten loads at the party, they all ended up eating pizza for dinner too! They left just before bedtime, and I had 2 children who fell asleep very quickly and easily! Both slept until much later than usual this morning too.

Oh, and to end with, Tyran lost his first tooth this week too, the day after his birthday. It wasn't quite the exciting yanking it out himself event we'd hoped for. He got punched in the face at school and it got knocked out. It was already wobbly, but not loose enough to fall out by itself, so there was a lot of blood and there's a scab over the gap on his gum now. But he was still very excited about it and is most impressed with the money the tooth fairy left for him.

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