Sunday, 8 February 2009

It has been a week.

And an awful week at that! The only positives were the fun we had in the snow and the fact that Tyran's and my schools were closed and we got to stay home. I still had to be up at the crack of dawn to check that my school was actually closed though. I'm sure you've all seen the photos on my Flickr page, but I need to put a couple here anyway! We loved making snow angels, loved picking on the kids and covering them with snow, flinging snowballs at each other, and of course, making a snowman. Tyran loved playing with the little girl from next door, but sadly hasn't seen her again since then. I'd hoped this might be a way in.

Of course the highlight was not the snowman, nor the sledging in the recycling box,
nor the snowball fights.
It was this:

Everyone else bundled up and cold and Anthony in shorts! He said before we went out, "I think I'll put on a long sleeved t shirt or people are going to think I'm really weird." You think???!

Anyway, it was all downhill from there. It's freezing, icy, and work is horrible! I'm really looking for a new job in earnest now, but still nothing to be found. I may well just ring around some schools, or send out a letter so that they know about me.

I've started baking the cakes for the pirate ship cake. I've grossly overestimated how much cake I need though, which is good and not so good. Good in that I'll freeze the excess, which means that in times of desperation, chocolate flavoured comfort is but a microwave away. Not good in that there's a LOT of cake there!! The pirate ship will have to be fairly large to accomodate all the figures. And it's going to take a long time to cover it fondant plank by fondant plank. But you know, I enjoy it and it means I'm not focussing on work.

I could do without the 45 min baking time per cake though. I feel like I've done little else this afternoon.

The other big downside is that so far we've had very few replies to the invitations we sent out for the party. Now Tyran may not be Mr Popular, but I thought people would be polite enough to at least reply. All I can say is that I'm holding out hope that some people will just turn up, which is what happened at Jasmine's party yesterday. Big hall, big cake and 7 kids to rattle around and gorge themselves....

And to end, some lovely photos.

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