Thursday, 19 February 2009


You know, I'm fed up of these nasty little insects. I don't care how harmless they are, or how they're not a sign of dirty hair, or how "every child gets them", I am SICK to death of them. it's disgusting to have insects crawling around your scalp. It's disgusting that they bite you to feed on your blood. It's disgusting that they live out their whole life cycle in your hair.

The most annoying thing about them is that they seem to love Tyran. That boy just has to walk past someone else with lice and I swear it's like a mass exodus off their heads onto his. I've tried everything: wet combing, tea tree oil, vinegar, picking the little buggers out with my fingers and nothing is making any difference. So in desperation I've turned to chemical (though they say they're non chemical - whatever!) treatments. It's worked. it's killed all the nasty adult lice. It un-stickies the eggs so they comb out easily. But guess what? One day in a public playground in close quarters with other kids and he got thumping great adult lice crawling around his head again. No nits at all, so they're not hatched out and ignored. And I only treated him 4 days ago.

The treatment dries the hair out quite badly, which is fine on you and me. On Tyran it means not only is his hair a bit dry and horrible, it means his scalp is dry. Which means it's irritated. Ok, it actually means he now has eczema on his head.

Did I say I'm sick of lice?

Oh, and anyone who tells you they're hard to spot obviously hasn't tried looking in Tyran's hair! They're pretty easy to miss on Hayley, but on Tyran it's like looking for an elephant on your dinner plate - you're really not going to miss them.

Nasty little buggers aren't they?

Sorry for making you itch. For what it's worth, your mind is playing tricks on you! Unless of course you're Tyran. In that case, get that itching checked out.


  1. Sorry, I know it's not supposed to be funny, but I've just had a really good laugh!! Take it as a compliment on the writing style and ability, rather than the situation.

  2. Kerry, on the farm I used a solution of baby oil, vinegar and something else but I can't remember the something else. Maybe you can find it on the net. I used it on all of you and never had a problem again. If you can remember that far back, Lorinda was crawling with lice when she got home and this solution is what the health department told me to use. Good luck and I am glad that my eyes are "bad" (as Hannah calls it) and I would be able to see those things .....