Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Enough!! Why are the fates so against me?!

Ok, as if going off the road last week wasn't bad enough, it cost me £500 to repair the damage to the tyres and brake disks. I don't have 500p, never mind £500, so onto the credit card it went. Only that ups my monthly payments to an unaffordable amount. I've had to explain to the kids that the plans we'd made for this week of half term will have to be changed or cancelled and we'll need to just go to the park, or make things at home, or meet up with the few friends we have. They were ok about that, except that Tyran is feeling very lonely for his friends, but we made plans to see Jasmine today, so he was much happier.

Angelika sent me a text this morning to say that she'd managed to sort out Jasmine's scooter, so I should bring Tyran and Hayley's scooters too and we could go up to the park. Great idea, only Tyran's scooter broke a couple of weeks ago when he was playing with it in the snow. I had a quick look online and found one for £9 so I thought that for the sake of something to do, I'd stretch the pennies to buy it. So off we went to the shop this morning after my physio appointment to get the scooter.

Scooter in car, kids all excited about seeing Jasmine. All going well you think? Hah! As I'm going round the corner onto the one way system I feel a thump and a knock and suddenly I have no gears. My clutch has completely seized up. I managed to coast to safety at the roundabout at Sainsburys.

Ok, you think , it's simple now, just ring the RAC. Yes, great idea, only I took the information pack out of the car last week to sort it out after the accident and it's still sitting at home. To make matters worse, when we popped out to the shop I grabbed my purse. Just my purse. Nothing else. No phone. So off we went in search of a phone box. Rang the (thankfully!) toll free number for the RAC.

They were very helpful and the man who came to rescue us was very nice. Tyran though.... beside himself. Crying and worrying and just not able to understand why he can't go home RIGHT NOW and why we have to cancel the plans. The RAC man tows us to the garage of our choice and Tyran freaks completely at the thought of the car being towed. Of course this does not help my own stress levels of not being in control of my car.

Anyway, they said they'll have a look and ring me with a quote, but I can't see that it makes any difference because one way or another, the car needs to be repaired. I'd gladly not use it, but I have no way of getting to work without it. We're looking at a minimum of £300. I don't know what the maximum would be. I just hope there's enough money on my credit card to pay for it.

How I'll cover the monthly payments on my credit card now? Your guess is as good as mine. It never rains. It doesn't even pour. There's a bloody deluge that has caused a flood.

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