Friday, 2 January 2009

Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised at the beauty I see

The UK is not known for glorious sunsets, let's face it. I have people asking me all the time if the sunsets in SA are like we see in pictures and I have to say yes. Mostly they bemoan the fact that they'll never get to see a sunset like that. Well sometimes you just need to look a little harder.

I had a long day today. I had to go into work for what I thought would be a couple of hours. I had to take the kids in with me. I didn't take lunch for them or anything. Anyway, it turned out that I needed to do a lot more than I'd thought and we were there all day. The kids were angelic aside from one minor blip when they were tired and crabby from lack of nourishing, decent food. They essentially snakced on crisps and chocolates left over from Christmas that were in my classroom once they'd eaten the fruit I packed.

It's freezing cold here at the moment (the pond in the photo is frozen over), but gloriously sunny with beauitful clear blue skies. And that makes for pretty spectacular sunsets. I had to stop and photograph the skies on the way home. It was too beautiful and too richly coloured to resist. Tyran remarked more than once on how the sky was as beautiful as a princess's dress. I bet a lot of people missed it though because they don't look for the unexpected. I'm just glad that a long, hard day at work ended with something so beautiful.

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  1. okay will admit that you have the most beautiful boy in world. He is so gorgeous and the photos are lovely. The ones of Hayley that you emailed are lovely but this time, its Tyran that takes the cake. The photos of the sunset are spectacular to say the least. Has your camera become a permanent fixture?