Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gardening and other random things

The kids wanted to feed the ducks. Anthony wanted to randomly dig in the garden, so guess what we ended up doing....! Well I say "we" when I mean Anthony and the kids. I sat and played at photography, as usual!

The kids had a good time looking for wiggly worms, then screaming and running away whenever they found one. Anthony had a less good time because he wanted to plant bulbs and seeds and I informed him that it's a ridiculous notion in JANUARY when there's ice on the ground and we're scraping the car every day. Some people weren't born to be gardeners!

Needless to say, the kids soon lost interest when they realised there weren't many earth worms to be found and that there was nothing to plant and very little to dig up.

On a good note, I've been back on my diet for a week now and my jeans that have been the only ones that fit are too loose already. Whooo hoooo. It gives me the motivation I need to stick to it. Another plus is that limiting my chocolate to 1 square a day has meant that trying to eat anything sweet and chocolatey leaves me feeling a little ill. It's all good.

I haven't mentioned my wrist for a while (aside from monaing about the pain I mean). I saw the orthopaedic specialist on Tuesday last week. He was very nice, but we're no further forward with a definitive answer. He says that the pain I'm experiencing doesn't correlate with the issues that have shown up on the MRI. He's referring me for physio now and wants to reassess in a couple of months. He seems to think that exploratory surgery might be the only option because it's the only way he'll know for sure what the problem is. Personally, I'm placing a LOT of hope in the physio! He also said that the splint I've been wearing is probably not helping much, but that he recommends I wear it to work and in any other situation where my wrist need protection, so that annoyance continues for a while.

I thought I'd made everyone in the family aware of my flikr page, but it appears not! Lots more photos, all of good downloadable (is that a word?!) quality, are there. Tammie and Ryan, take note!! Go onto and search flowerlally and my page should come up. Bookmark it then. I could post the link here, but since I can't insert hyperlinks because I'm stupid, there's no point. Oh, I suppose you can highlight it and copy and paste into your browser. In that case, here you go:

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