Sunday, 2 October 2011

October sun and sea

Out of interest I looked back at photos from this time last year and the year before. It looked something like this and involved lots of fungus hunting and autumn leaves (and a smaller me!).

Today was hot. It has been hot all week. Hotter than I remember a full week in the summer holidays being. So we went to the beach. The tide times were on our side and there were miles of sand when we got there with a very low tide.

We swam. All of us! Even little Mr "I don't swim in the sea", who, it turns out, loves swimming in the sea. The kids got cold after a short while, but Angelika and I stayed in for almost an hour.

It was a really lovely day, more so because of its completely unexpected nature. The kids played for hours and we stayed much longer than planned.

I'm sure next weekend will be cold, damp and filled with fungus hunting... I enjoy that almost as much!

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