Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Shoe laces

This has been a very long time coming. Tyran has been unable to tie his shoe laces despite numerous attempts to teach him over the years. I know his fine motor skills aren't what they should be, but this is ridiculous, even for him. So the other day, in a "this worked at school for something else that was annoying me" type approach I got a little annoyed told the kids that they weren't going anywhere until they'd learned to tie their own shoe laces. See, the thing is that they both wear converse, and they need to learn - for my sanity!

And then I got clever. I tackled the small child first. Knowing that she'd be motivated to learn to do her laces before Tyran as part of her desire to be the first and best meant that she'd learn quickly. And she did. It took 2 goes and voila! Perfect bows.

I then used the "look, your 5 year old sister can tie her laces" approach with Tyran and funnily enough, it took one go and he'd mastered it. I haven't had to tie any laces other than my own for the past 3 days and let me tell you it's the little things that matter!

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