Thursday, 4 August 2011

London through different eyes - a photo post

London without children. London with lots of laughter! Didn't get nearly as many photos as I wanted to because it rained so hard.

Spitalfields market - never been before. Full of amazing things. what people think will sell. What people will buy!! Far too much taxydermy, but this snarling fox surrounded by ducklings made me laugh.

Rabbit... sculptures? These made us laugh so hard. Not brilliant photos, but they capture the moment.

Borough Market - also a new experience. Could spend all day wandering around sampling and buying amazing food.

Lamp post that makes me shudder but that Debbie loved.

Walking along the South Bank. Poses that people make for photos. I always wonder what they think and remember when they look back at holiday photos 10 years down the line!

A little further on, some teenagers passing the time in a way that makes my heart stop as a mother, but wows me as a human.

Opposite, art.

A beach on the South Bank for Londonders who don't get sun and sea when they'd like it, complete with beach huts and bunting.

Street performers. The expressions on the faces of people in the crowd make me laugh. They range from awe and fascination to complete disinterest.

And then some random "this is London" shots.

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