Friday, 1 July 2011

Sports Day

Thankfully no rain involved!
It always starts with a picnic on the field at lunchtime with the kids, which is a lovely touch and doable in such a small school. I never realise quite how small it is until you see all the kids sitting together.

Hayley did well in her races, 1st and 2nd. A relief really because she doesn't do well with losing and had already warned me that she wouldn't have a strop at school if she didn't win, but she would once she got home. Nice.

Tyran didn't come stone last in everything this year, which was lovely, but went completely unnoticed by him. My child - it's never about the competition! We did have to laugh though when he tidied up the equipment from the obstacle race before continuing to the finishing line. At least one child has learned that when you're finished playing with something you put it away before getting out the next thing!

Both kids wanted Daddy to do the 3 legged race with them. There was much cheating going on both times so Hayley and Anthony won their race. Hayley most indignantly pointed out that someone else had cheated in their race by being picked up and responded with "yes, but my cheating wasn't recognised" when I said that she'd only won by cheating. So obviously a lesson learned today - it's fine to cheat as long as you don't get caught. Totally her aunt's child!

And to end just because I like it, even if they're wearing yellow...

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