Friday, 11 February 2011

In other news

It would appear that my daughter can draw. You have no idea how much this pleases me! I may not be an amazing artist, but I can just about manage and I've been really upset to realise that Tyran doesn't seem to possess any ability to draw whatsoever. But all is well with the world again because Hayley can!

She got nothing but art related presents at Christmas because she seems to do little else at the moment but write stories and illustrate them. It's very sweet. She's very particular about detail too. The only drawback is that she's a perfectionist. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about perfectionism (of course I have to say that!), but it can be very wearing when we're on attempt number 1000 and it's still not good enough. Deep breath, encouraging smile, and we move on. I won't try to talk her into believing that what she's done is good enough. I know how irritating that can be. I'm far more sneaky than that! There's a fine line to walk though, and mostly we veer between thinking that we'll never be good enough and telling anyone who'll listen about how amazing we are and that we draw better than anyone else we know. Hm. Balance isn't really a word that can be applied to Hayley!

Best not to comment on that one too much. It's me and Anthony!!

Hayley can now ride a bike without stabilisers. The conversation went like this:
"Mummy, today I'm going to learn to ride my bike without stable lisers."
"Are you?"
"Yes, come and show me."
5 minutes later, there she was, riding perfectly on her own.

Tyran was in a starring role in his school play at Christmas again, this time as Neddy, the talking donkey. It was pretty impressive, mummy bias aside. He got the comedy element just right and was as confident as ever that he would deliver perfectly. He got a special mention from the headteacher at the end.

He also perfected his sewing at Christmas and made presents for his teachers and TAs.

And dabbled in balloon modelling.

There are plenty of photos on my Flickr page that will tell you what we've been up to, including surviving the horrible snow! I promise to be better at blogging from now on, but be prepared to put up with a lot of mundane ramblings.

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