Saturday, 6 March 2010

Princess Ariel cake

This is for a party tomorrow. It was trickier to do than I initially thought because Ariel is the Disney "Swimming Ariel" so I've had to try to get her tail and fin in there too, which meant that I had to decorate around the doll rather than cover the cake and then put the doll in it. Anyway, not to worry, it worked and it's pink and sparkly and Hayley and one of Tyran's friends think it's absolutely amazing and beautiful, so I'm confident the little girl who it's for will love it too.

Oh, and the other really annoying thing is that I spent ages making an embossed and glittery board without realising how wide the cake would be once the dress was on it, so it was a complete waste of time! Oh well.

There'll be some pink and sparkly cupcakes to go with it when I've managed to get my bottom off the chair and actually go and ice them! Just need a bit of a break from sugar!

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