Sunday, 21 March 2010

Easter crafts

Well, I'm tired of being shut away in my little house with nothing to cheer me up. I'm not feeling terribly well at the moment, but have no idea what might be wrong. Think I'll end up at the doctor tomorrow at any rate, probably to be told it's just a virus, or nothing much really. I bought some odds and ends a couple of weeks ago with the intention of having a nice crafty day. I decided to go ahead with it anyway because the sun was shining and making things always makes me feel better.

We started off with some chocolate, marshmallows and a whole lot of sprinkles. Never a bad thing! And you wouldn't believe how quiet 3 children can be when faced with those ingredients!

Then we went outside to paint eggs for our "trees". The kids loved the actually painting, but lost interest when it came to the fiddlier decoration, so Angelika and I finished it all off. We enjoyed ourselves at least, and the results are lovely. Tyran and Hayley's trees are on the dining room table, looking lovely on the new spotty, wipe clean table cloth, and managing to brighten up the whole room.

After that I let them loose with icing, biscuits and more sprinkles! I had planned to do these myself and make them look really gorgeous, but my aching head has other ideas. I think the kids were pleased - they can never get enough of icing and sprinkles!

As ever, more photos here.


  1. Very cute eggs! And those marshmallow things - oh my word!

  2. It's all gone blue :( I liked the green - it's a happy colour.

    The eggs are amazing - I want!!