Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A week can really change things

This time last week we were all full of excitement. I'd watched great big fat snowflakes falling the evening before and rejoiced because who doesn't love a bit of snow. How much things can change in a week!

My first thought was "has it only been a week?!" It feels so much longer than that. My heating is still doing what it wants to, so warmth isn't guaranteed. The kids have got cabin fever of the worst kind and my house looks like a whirlwind has swept through it - twice!

I'm cold, I'm grumpy and I'm anxious. I want to know when I'll be able to drive safely again. I want to know that "they" won't try to make me work in the summer when I want to go to South Africa. Mostly, I just want to know that the snow will go away, the roads will return to normal and I'll see grass, flowers and blue sky again.

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