Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Rainbow rice.

Ooooh, what fun!! I have shamelessly stolen the idea from a Surestart Children's Centre because I know Tyran and Hayley will love it and it's perfect for my kids at school.
All you need is:
a bit of food colouring

a bowl to mix it in

an oven tray to bake it in

Once it's baked (the instructions I copied down said 5 min, but it took longer) you just need to leave it to cool and then it's ready to use.

How gorgeous is this?

Of course it's to play with and not to eat, just before anyone asks. Oh, and if anyone is interested, the smell of baking rice is nausteating. I haven't eatne any lunch because I can still smell that baking rice!!
Brilliant! I can't wait for Tyran to come home so we can all have a little play with it.

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